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Buona Luce (bwonalut∫e) Italian for Good Light

Zenza Bronica

Technical Documents (pdf format)
How the Seiko #0 shutter works: Anatomy of Seiko #0 shutter used on ZENZANON lenses
Evolution of Zenzanon lenses: From Zenzanon S to PS lenses
Polaroid backs: Bronica SQ Polaroid Backs
Focusing distance: Extension tubes and close-up lenses
The tiny screws used on Zenzanon lenses: JCIS #0 Screws
Repair Tips (pdf format)
Dismount a Zenzanon S lens: Disassembly a ZENZANON 150/3.5 S Lens
Dismount a Zenzanon PS lens: Disassembly a ZENZANON 150/4 PS Lens
Save a Zenzanon S lens: Bring a sloppy ZENZANON lens back to life
Check Seiko #0 shutters: Measure Seiko #0 shutter times
Adjust shutter times: The right times

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